RM95-MB - Service Remote Control for SONY devices

This remote control is a replacement for the SONY RM95 (adj. mod.). It is plugged into the SONY device (2.5 mm) which powers the remote control (for the TRV-PC7 you need the SONY LANC adapter).
The five key operation is intuitive. You change the function with the 4 crosswise keys, the LCD shows the current selection, the lower key confirms this.

Main Menu:

                              <   menu   >




< / > Selection for Service Mode, Wired Remote Control or Auto DV-in disable/enable
(auto DV-in only with version RM95-MB AI)
select Selection
backlight Toggle backlight of the display (only with according display built in)

Pressing both keys < / > together: always back to this Main Menu.

Hotkeys: for solving special problems it can be important to get Service Mode in the moment of power-on. If you press before power-on "<" (and keep on pressing) you get at once the Auto DV-in enable/disable and with "backlight" at once the Service Mode.


Service Mode:

  LANC service
                              <   menu   >




< / > Selection, changing Page, Address, Data. Capital letter = selection
dec / inc Decrement or increment displayed value (with key-repeat!)
save Saving Data value to the SONY-EEPROM in selected Address.
Attention: the EEPROM of the SONY device must be "unlocked" on the right Page, otherwise the Data won't be saved!
Display contents: Page, Address, Data are displayed in hexadecimal code (P- A-- D--).

While the SONY device is internal "busy", a sand-glass appears. Such actions can last for some seconds.

Attention: with the unlimited access to the complete camera memory you could cause malfunction of the camera! Please change only the memory cells you know the function of - read for example the service manual.


Wired Remote Control:

This mode is an easy remote control, depending on the selection at the SONY device in the Player- or Camera-Mode. Additional the counter as TimeCode / RealTime (depending on the selection at the SONY device) or lin. counter, the drive status as a symbol and the tape speed (SP/LP) is displayed.

                             <</<|    |>/>>


When the camera is set to "Player" or a normal VCR is used, the following instructions are implemented: record, play, pause, rev, rew, frame-rew, frame-fwd, fwd, cue, stop.

                             <   edit   >


Wenn the camera is set to "Camera", the following instructions are implemented: start-stop (other code than "rec"!), zoom tele, zoom wide, edit-search rev/fwd.

With version RM95-MB RS some functions of the connected SONY device can be controled via the RS-232 (with the PC keyboard auto repeat a REV and CUE is possible with "r" und "f".)



Auto DV-in enable/disable: (new types since 10/2000!)

This mode is selectable with version RM95-MB AI. The DV input (Hi8: analog input) can be automatically enabled and disabled for the following types of cameras:

Mini-DV: DCR-PC1, DCR-PC2, DCR-PC3, DCR-PC5, DCR-PC7, TRV-5E, TRV-7E, TRV-8E, TRV-9E, TRV-10E, TRV-890E, SC-100, VX700E, VX1000E, VX9000E, DSR200P
Digital-8: TRV-110E, TRV-120E, TRV-125E, TRV-210E, TRV-310E, TRV-510E,
TR7000E, TR7100E, TR8000E, TR8100E
Hi8: TR780E, TR2200E (nur Video), TR705 / TR707 (add. hardware modification necessary)

And menu's best news: do this as often as you want! You don't have to turn your first camera original if you want to enable the DV input of your other camera...

                             <  select  >



< / > Select camera for modification
enable DV input (Hi8: analog input) will be enabled by pressing start
disable DV input (Hi8: analog input) will be disabled by pressing start
start Modification start, duration depends on camera type: approx. ½ minute, after this the camera will be automatically switched off! (exception: TRV-PC1)

Attention: by manual selection of the camera type one escapes from a possible automatic wrong camera detection, but the user could select a camera type that doesn't correspond to his camera: although some precautions are taken by the software, malfunction of the camera could be the consequence! Please select all values very careful!


RS-232 Dump:

With version RM95-MB RS this menu is selectable by pressing PC key "D" (that means sending 44h via RS-232 to the remote).

  RS-232 DUMP



Now you are able to read the whole accessable memory from the connected SONY device into the PC. The 9-pin female SUB-D must be connected with a free RS-232 male at the PC and a terminal program should be started (i.e. TELIX). With the capture function all data can be saved on (hard) disk. Parameters: 2400 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no handshake.

Press "start" at the Service Remote Control and all data will be copied. Abort with "exit". A "-" is displayed, when there is no data readable from on a certain address of a page. While this search for data no abortion with "exit" is possible. Data is copied as ASCII-characters like displayed in the Service Mode, but without the letters P, A und D (- -- --), followed by "cr"+"lf" ("carriage return and line feed").

A complete copy can take up to 10 minutes, that's normal. With a maximum of 16 pages, 4096 data bytes are copied! Because there are fast changing memory cells in the SONY device, the RM95-MB RS reads each cell for eight times. When differences occur, the different bytes are copied as long as the first byte is found again to the PC and are displayed there side by side. You can proof this later in the Service Mode watching the "flickering" data on the corresponding page and address.


Trouble check:

Symptom Possible cause Corrective action
Display shows nothing SONY device is in LANC Slave mode
(no voltage in plug)
Switch SONY device to LANC Master mode
connect LANC ! SONY device is in Standby Power on SONY device
LANC wire is broken Renew plug or/and cable
No service ! SONY device doesn't support Service Mode No Service control possible
(version AI) no byte found Memory in camera doesn't exist Chosen wrong camera?
(version AI) use other mode Camera already enabled or disabled select the other mode
(version AI) wrong camera Data in camera doesn't match Select right camera

For an update the microcomputer can be exchanged through the back lid.

Please tell us whether your remote control has the RS-232 cable, when you send us the chip for update.
Open the little back door and pull out carefully the 20 pin chip in the socket with a pince or a screwdriver. Pull on both sides, so the pins won't be damaged. Press the chip on a piece of styropor do this in a little packet and send it to us! (see update costs)
If you don't want to change the chip yourself, send us the complete remote control.

No update is possible without the original chip.

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